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The vision to create Champion for Life emerged from our CEO’s quest to achieve personal wellness.

When Mary Lyn Hammer was pregnant, she and her daughter contracted Lyme Disease.

After enduring six years of hell, they were diagnosed with Lyme disease.

After three years of antibiotic treatments to treat Lyme disease and coinfections, Ms. Hammer contracted a life-threatening blood infection.

Ms. Hammer’s desperate desire to live and restore her and her daughter’s health, she combined traditional, holistic, and energetic medicine/methods and became Lyme-free in 2009.

On This Journey, Ms. Hammer Learned These 3 Critical Items

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1. Different Bodies Need Different Healing Methods

A one-size-fits-all healing plan does not work with Lyme Disease because what one needs to get well depends on what part of the body Lyme has affected and which coinfections one has contracted.  Lyme, like Lupus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, creates a myriad of issues, so healing often requires combining multiple supplements, medications, and modalities.

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2. Research to Heal

Hammer noted that patterns surface among patients with chronic Lyme and that led her to research and experiments that ultimately uncovered solutions. Extensive research into the complexities of Lyme, chronic/fatal blood infections, coinfections, cleanses, and physical healing led to answers. In 2009 Ms. Hammer and her daughter were healed from Lyme and its coinfections, but it has taken dedication to continue learning ways to repair the tremendous damage to their bodies caused by Lyme complications.

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3. Buyer-Beware Is Critical

Unfortunately, many products and services, both holistic and traditional, were created to make money and had minimal healing value, so she learned that “buyer beware” is a critical factor.  Hammer’s discovery of the often outrageous markup on products and services inspired her to provide as many solutions as possible at reasonable prices so that those who are already experiencing the financial burdens of illnesses can afford to heal.  Finding the right modalities and supplements required tedious research to figure out which brands created the best products.

Ms. Hammer and her daughter have been Lyme-free since 2009

Many people have overcome Lyme disease and its coinfections in several months instead of years of treatment or a lifetime of struggling with the illness by listening to other people’s healing journeys.

Ms. Hammer is confident in the processes and products that have been effective for her and her daughter. She believes in organic, toxin-free products that don’t strain the body and are critical to allow the body to effectively work on healing.

Following her decades of research, Ms. Hammer knew she needed to share what she learned with others so they could also get their health and lives back!  She created Champion for Life, which lists many of her very favorite trusted brands.  This is the place where you can find the absolute BEST in alternative healing and supplements to purchase—many of which Ms. Hammer used on her journey to eradicate and recover from Lyme and her nearly-fatal blood infection.

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