Maximizing Your Body’s Energy To Heal

Maximizing Your Body’s Energy To Heal

by Mary Lyn Hammer, ©2020 all rights reserved

When toxins, allergies, opportunistic infections, and external stressors are present, your body doesn’t have enough energy to heal!

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Toxins are everywhere: in our food, water, air, medications, cosmetics, skincare products, toothpaste, and many other products we use.  They can be ingested, inhaled, enter through our skin, or by exposure through proximity to something emitting toxins.

When I had Lyme disease, I realized that neurotoxins from the disease itself compromise the body’s ability to heal.  I also became allergic to foods like gluten and soy that hadn’t caused any adverse reaction in the past.  I learned this occurred because the increased Lyme neurotoxins and toxins from medications lowered my immune system and caused negative reactions to foods that I had previously been able to process naturally.

Each toxin reduces your body’s ability to heal, so the more you eliminate, the stronger your body will become.  When you reduce your exposure to toxins both outside and inside of your bodies, you free up energy to use to heal more serious issues.

Opportunistic infections like viral and fungal infections are usually present in each of us but remain dormant when we are healthy and strong.  When your body is stressed or has a chronic illness, these infections can activate and use the vital energy you need to heal the primary infection.  Reducing or eliminating opportunistic infections supports your body’s ability to heal.

Maximum healing is affected by these five factors:

Not all water is equal.

Water can be toxic in many ways.  It can contain high levels of fluoride, chemicals, heavy metals, and many other miscellaneous toxins that make the water acidic and cause your body to react with an immune response.  That is true for water that has been “filtered” and “purified” through the city water/sewer systems and includes many bottled water brands that label themselves as “natural” or “filtered.”  Spring water that is bottled at the source, filtered if needed, and has an alkaline and pH rating between 7 and 8.5 is the healthiest water to drink.  You can read more at the EPA.

Recent studies show these common brands of spring water fall within the healthy range for pH:

8.0  Just Water (spring water in eco-friendly containers – my favorite)
8.0  Icelandic (spring water from Iceland – a favorite)
8.0  Evamore (filtered well-water)
7.5  Absopuer (filtered and ozonated spring water)
7.5  Fiji  (spring water from Fiji – another favorite)
7.5  Ice Canyon (spring water available at CVS Pharmacy)
7.5  Super Chill/Chill (spring water from Michigan)
7.5  Volvic (spring water from France – another favorite)
7.5  Zephyrhills (filtered spring water)
7.0  Evian (spring water from France)
7.0  Eternal (filtered and treated spring water)

When I nearly died in 2008, I was advised to drink only spring water.  My body was so weak that I could actually feel the benefit of changing from filtered tap water to spring water.  To this day, I only drink spring water, and it also helped repair my body after eradicating the infection.

To optimize health, store water in glass containers.  Many plastic bottles release toxins, especially those left in the heat.  A good source of information is available at the Ecology Center.

You are what you eat.

The food that we put in our bodies directly affects every part of our bodies.  The “cleaner” you eat, the more you support your health and wellness.  Organic foods that are free from toxins help support our bodies by reducing exposure to toxic weed, and bug killers and other toxins used to mass-produce these items. This information on clean eating at the Help Guide and from Time magazine is especially meaningful.

Fruits and vegetables generally support good health.  Meats, grains, dairy products, and a few fruits and vegetables cause acidic reactions and can be unhealthy if you don’t take in enough alkaline foods to offset the acidic effect of meats, grains, and dairy products.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods are modified to grow faster and resist insects; however, many believe that our bodies are not accepting these changes.  I, personally, have noticed that those foods that I am allergic to are the foods commonly grown with GMO seeds. (i.e., wheat, soy, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and many others)

Reading food labels is necessary to understand what is healthy and what is not.  It is a common practice for food manufacturers to sell healthy versions of their products in Europe and other parts of the world while selling unhealthy versions in the United States that include food coloring, additives, and GMO ingredients.  Further misunderstanding can come with labels that claim that food is “natural” as defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which gives the impression of being organic when, in many cases, the food is far from organic.  In fact, in 2015, a survey showed that two-thirds of Americans are misled by labels such as “natural.” (See the Federal Register)

Read the labels and do your own research.  Your “life” may depend on it.

Toxins enter through the skin, our body’s largest organ.

Toxic ingredients penetrate our bodies when we use cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, talcum powders, skin, and beauty products, and many are known to cause cancer or interrupt our endocrine system balance and functions.

Again, do your own research and become familiar with the toxins in products you use on your skin.  Here are some helpful articles that I’ve found.

Are Chemicals in Beauty Products Making Us Ill? 
On Cosmetics Safety, U.S. Trails More Than 40 Nations
Safe Cosmetics, Get the Facts
Vegan Cosmetic Market 

Allergies are our body’s immune response to items it doesn’t like.

Allergic reactions can be as mild as a runny nose or as severe as anaphylactic shock (can’t breathe) and even death.  Identifying and avoiding those foods, products, and environmental agents that cause allergies is critical because these allergens will lower your immune system.

Many people with chronic illnesses develop food allergies because their immune systems are compromised. For example, I developed an allergy to gluten during my Lyme disease experience.  When you identify and eliminate those allergens that are using up energy, that energy can instead be used to eliminate pathogens and build up the immune system.

If you don’t know which foods and environmental allergies that you have, testing is available.  You can learn more about allergy testing here.

Opportunistic infections drain your body of healing energy. 

We call them “opportunistic” because they run rampant when our immune system is stressed, like when a chronic illness is present.  For me, viruses grew to extremely high rates of infection that were 15-25 times higher than “normal range” when I had Lyme disease.  For some, candida is a common opportunistic infection that drains healing energy.  For those with chronic illnesses, medications are the primary cause of systemic candida, and it is usually complicated to eradicate.  Solutions must include treatment for the candida itself and reintroduction of prebiotics and probiotics.  For best results, use products with a variety of prebiotics and probiotics and rotate through numerous quality brands – they all have different cultures, and the large variety of these cultures best supports gut health and your immune system.

Examples of opportunistic infections:

CMV or Cytomegalic Virus visit the CDC or Mayo Clinic EBV or Epstein Barr Virus
 (also known as mononucleosis in younger people)
HHV-6 or Human Herpesvirus 6 visit the CDC or HHV-6 Foundation
HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus 
visit Healthline or Hopkins Medicine
TBEV or Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus  visit the CDC and here

Radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) adversely affect our health.

Radiation and EMF are closely monitored by medical staff who are continuously exposed to medical imaging and have difficulty avoiding the high toxicity of these agents.  I use products with shungite from Russia to absorb radiation and EMF because it is effective and works outside of the body (no pills or treatments).  Many of these products are available at

Some EMF naturally occurs while others come from manmade sources.  High levels of EMF exposure are tied to neurological, physiological, and nerve function problems.  Limiting exposure will reduce the energy your body needs to cope with these effects and improve your sleep, which also builds up your immunity.  While many products have testing that shows they are in the “safe range” for exposure, the collective levels of all of our modern gadgets put us over acceptable safe levels.  Learn more at Healthline.

These harmful rays can be diverted or reduced in several ways, including high doses of chlorophyll and other alkalizing greens and stones like shungite.  You can also avoid higher exposure by making sure you live away from cell and 5G towers and other sources of exposure.

Heavy metals that shouldn’t be in our bodies are toxins that commonly go undetected.

The most commonly known toxic heavy metals are mercury, lead, and arsenic, although many adversely affect our health.  Removing these is essential to wellness and healing.  Heavy metal testing and treatments are available, and it may take some time before all toxic heavy metals are removed.  You must also “re-mineralize” the beneficial minerals that are eliminated with treatments to maintain good health and wellness.  Through mentoring people with Lyme disease,  I have found that heavy metal toxicity is common, especially concerning mercury (see WebMD and NCIB.)

Unfortunately, I found out in March 2020 that I had extremely high Gadolinium levels, which caused heavy metal poisoning.  When I got my test results, I had no idea what Gadolinium was, but through research, I found out that it is the heavy metal commonly used for “contrast” with MRIs and other medical imaging procedures.  I was never told that I might be poisoned when I got MRIs.  Normal levels are between 0 and 0.9, but my level was 74.6.  It certainly explained why I wasn’t feeling well!  As I write, I am undergoing treatment to remove this heavy metal toxin that can cause permanent damage to the brain and organs up to and including death.  I strongly suggest that you get tested for heavy metal toxicity that normally goes undiagnosed and untreated. (see Gadolinium Toxicity)

Detox Treatments Are Essential to Wellbeing and Healing

While it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate toxins, we can remove many toxins through safe and effective detox programs and products.  Because we are exposed to toxins regularly, detox treatments should be completed at least annually when you are healthy and more often when you are not healthy.

I have spent years using and collecting information for detoxing and have begun to make the best products available to those I am helping through  If you are ill, seek a doctor’s advice and start slow – you can always speed up the process, but you want to avoid a healing crisis where you are eliminating toxins faster than your body can handle which causes the toxins to be re-absorbed.  I use tinctures, foot pads, and footbaths for heavy metal detoxing regularly because there are heavy metals all around us and naturally occurs in seafood, which I love.  My favorite detox products and protocols are listed below, and many can be found at

When I contracted Gadolinium poisoning, I chose EDTA IVs to remove the massive amounts of poison in my body.  There are numerous options on to detox heavy metals and other toxins.  Do your own research and consult a professional to decide which is best for you.  I have also experienced that rotating through different brands and methods got me better results.

The following detox methods may be helpful for your optimal health:

Heavy metal detoxing has a three-step process that includes dislodging the metals from your organs, binding the metal to be carried out of the body, and remineralization (adding back the good minerals). The heavy metal detox that I love using includes Global Healing’s ZeotrexDetoxadine, and Detox Foot Pads available at

Internal detoxing may include an overall program or organ-specific detoxification. It usually includes some type of “binder” to bind to the toxins and help carry them out of the body.  The first time that you complete this process will be the most difficult because you have years of toxins built up.  Follow-up detox programs will keep the toxins from building up.  I love the full body cleanse by Global Healing that includes Oxy-Powder, Latero-Flora, Livatrex, Paratrex, Oregatrex, Tumeric, Mycozil, Organic Olive Oil and Epsom Salt in addition to the heavy metal cleanse above.  Harmonic Innerprizes’ n-fused Candida is my favorite product for candida treatments. After years of trying to get rid of my systemic candida caused by antibiotic treatments for Lyme, that product miraculously eradicated my candida in three short days.

All of these products are available at

Colonics and enemas can carry toxins out of the body’s digestive system faster and minimize the absorption of toxins into your body. I used organic coffee enemas made at home with an enema bag and got colonics in a professional’s office.  Make sure you research the professionals in your area to ensure they are well-trained and have a great reputation.

Saunas and steam room therapies allow toxins to be eliminated through the skin, the body’s largest organ. If you don’t have access to one of these, you can try this.  I invested in a far-infrared sauna blanket and eventually purchased a far-infrared sauna.  I use these to this day and love how I feel internally and how great my skin responds.  Again, do your own research for the products and services that best serve your needs.

Foot pad and foot baths can pull toxins out through the bottom of your feet where they may have settled. Heavy metals and heavy toxins like tar from smoking often settle in extremities and are best removed through the feet.  I use Global Healing Detox Foot Pads and our Champion for Life Footbath (coming soon!) because they are safe and effective.

When you are toxic, you may experience a healing crisis that causes symptoms like fevers, sweats, bad breath, cramping, and other unpleasant symptoms.  For Lyme disease and other spirochete infections, this reaction is often referred to as “herxing” or “Herxheimer Reaction.”

Remember, toxins are better out than in. Know that these symptoms will reduce and eventually go away as you eliminate the toxins. Healthline and National Institute for Biotechnology Information are good sources for learning about a healing crisis.

Becoming and staying healthy is critically dependent upon eliminating as many toxins as possible from our bodies.  For many, this means you must break long-standing habits.  There are so many toxins that we are exposed to daily that we have little to no control over, so it is necessary to eliminate those toxins that we do have control over.  Start with eliminating one toxin at a time, and you will feel the difference in your energy and health.

Ms. Hammer and her daughter have been Lyme-free since 2009

Many people have overcome Lyme disease and its coinfections in several months instead of years of treatment or a lifetime of struggling with the illness by listening to other people’s healing journeys.

Ms. Hammer is confident in the processes and products that have been effective for her and her daughter. She believes in organic, toxin-free products that don’t strain the body and are critical to allow the body to heal effectively.

Following her decades of research, Ms. Hammer knew she needed to share what she learned with others so they could also get their health and lives back!  She created Champion for Life, which lists many of her very favorite trusted brands.  This is the place where you can find the absolute BEST in alternative healing and supplements to purchase—many of which Ms. Hammer used on her journey to eradicate and recover from Lyme and her nearly-fatal blood infection.

Mary Lyn and Daughter

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