Over My Dead Body


6 x 9 inch, 150-page, trade paperback book published by IASO Insights

Healing from Lyme disease is possible!

Where Do You Turn for Help, When You are Dying, and the Doctors Can’t Figure Out Why You are So Sick?

For Mary Lyn Hammer and her daughter Elizabeth, and like countless others, Lyme disease was hard to diagnose and even harder to cure. To chronicle her journey, Mary Lyn wrote more than a memoir about her experience with the disease. Over My Dead Body compiles her struggles, what worked for their healing, and the mountains of information she gathered about Lyme disease. Mary Lyn gives details about how, after almost a decade of suffering, she and her daughter conquered Lyme disease. Over My Dead Body has two parts:

PART ONE: My Journey between Life and Death documents her journey to find solutions that eradicated a nearly-fatal blood infection and Lyme disease.

PART TWO: What I Learned About Lyme Disease, Coinfections and Healing includes information and research about the different types of infections, common complications, and the combination of treatments that worked for her.

While we all have unique healing journeys, we also learn through others’ experiences. Mary Lyn’s sincere desire is that you will find faith, hope, inspiration, and reliable information on Lyme disease by reading Over My Dead Body.

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