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Shungite Stickers for Electronic Devices

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20 mm  Shungite Sticker


Research has shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone, laptops, computers and other electronic sources significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation frequencies (EMF) on the body. This Shungite sticker absorbs and neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFs, that affect energetic balance and your health. Use this tool to protect your energy!


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Shungite will help to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, which disrupt our energetic balance, health, and because of the way cell phones are held, it also affects cerebral and auditory functions. Many other stones help reduce the presence of EMFs, but Shungite stands superior to all others. So the simple act of applying this to your cell phone offers radiation protection and helps to correct and transform electromagnetic waves into biocompatible emanations.

To reduce the burden that EMFs are placing on your energy use Shungite.

To use, first take the adhesive off the back of the Shungite. Place the Shungite on the back of your cell phone or case for EMF protection. Gently push on the shungite to ensure it securely adheres to your phone.