LifeSource SuperSprouts


7 Ounces

Premium nutrition from powerful, nutrient-dense foods

LifeSource SuperSprouts is the most nutritious, best-tasting superfood product available anywhere. It is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients and life-enhancing phytochemicals. LifeSource SuperSprouts was created with one thought in mind: gathering the purest, nutrient-dense foods on the planet that have phytochemicals that, according to research, help the body age better. They have everything the body needs to enjoy optimal health. LifeSource SuperSprouts combines the most powerful superfoods with organic sprouts. These super sprouts provide energy!

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Suggested Use: Blend 1 level teaspoon into 4-6 ounces of your favorite juice or pure water before meals to reduce food consumption or as an in-between meal energizer.